Appropriate combination of Salts of Propionic, Acetic, Butyric, Formic, Fumeric, Lactic, Citric and Sorbic Acids in combination with three other effective acidifiers and stabilizer.


Benefits of ACIMAX Supplementation

Brings down feed/ingesta pH
Reduces microbial counts in feed
Improves the gut integrity and nutrients availability
Sanitizes feed, and enhances feed safety
Improves digestion of minerals
Improves feed safety, farm safety
Reduces necessity to use antibiotics in
Brings down morbidity/ mortality and improves farm profitability
Synergistic Action of Chromax-C

Suggested Usage

0.5 - 1 kg per MT of feed. Or as recommended by the Veterinarian/ Nutritionist.


5 Kgs Pack

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