HSCAS: Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminium Silicates. A special blend of silicates, having greater adsorbtion power to vast ranges of mycotoxins and works on polarity of mycotoxins.
Activated Carbon: Specially modified activated carbon has 98% micropores and less than 2% meso and mega pores. It has particle size of 200 .11-11 It actively removes all chemical toxins.
Yeast Cellwall: Saccharomyces cerevisiae cellwall contains high percentage of '13' glucans, which can adsorb a wide range of mycotoxins.
Fortified with acidifiers and copper salts.


To reduce and/or prevent the formation of multi toxins in poultry feeds. To bind the preformed toxins thereby reducing absorption and adverse effects.

Suggested Usage

Suggested Usage / MT Moisture Level of feed / Ingredient
500 gm <11%
1 kg 11 - 14%
2 kg >14%

Or as recommended by the Veterinarian/ Nutritionist.


25 Kgs Pack

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