Each 500gm contains

Protease - 15 lac IU
Xylanase - 10 lac IU
Mannanase - 5 Lac IU
Pectinase - 2.5 Lac IU
Cellulase - 2.5 Lac IU
Phytase - 6.25 Lac IU
Lipase - 2 Lac IU

Probiotics & Prebiotics-3 Billion Multistrain spp

Along with supportive activities of beta-glucanase, alphagalactosidase, pullulanase, hemicellulase, alpha & beta amylase.

Multi strain species include Lactobacillus spp, Bacillus spp and Saccharomyces spp. It is also enhanced with methyl donors, hydrolysed protein and chelated trace minerals.


Hydrolyses Non-starch polysaccharides(NSP).
Breaks down Anti-Nutritional factors(ANF).
Cleaves galactosides
Converts the Phytate-Phosphorus to readily available phosphorus.
Prevents Loose droppings.
Reduces the pH and viscosity of gut.
Improves feed digestion and Nutrient absorption.
Better egg production with less shell breakage.
Cleaner eggs with good shell quality
Improved Litter quality and less ammonia production in litter.
Prevents colonization of the gut by pathogens such as E.coli, Salmonella, Clostridia etc.
Better FCR and lesser mortality in Broilers.
Improved Hatchability in Breeders.

Suggested Usage

500gm/MT feed or suggested by Veterinarian/Nutritionist.


25kg poly propelene bags.

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