Diacon FS

Diacon FS is a unique and synergestic combination of poly herbal extracts and Saccharomyses boularadii , regulates the GIT against diarrhoea, dysentery, loose droppings and Intestinal pains. It acts as antibacterial and antiviral against food pathogens and deteriorative bacteria. It acts as antispasmodic and carminative .It enables Hepato and gastro protectiveness in birds.


Selective Polyherbal extracts: Berberis aristata, Holarrahena antidysen terica, Helianthemum glomeratum, Acacia catechu, Peumus boldus, Geranium mericanum, Aegle marmelos containing Flavonoids Terpens and Phenolic compounds having Astringent, Demulcent, Sedative, Regenerative action.
Alumino silicates
Saccharomyces boularadii-100 billion cfu/1kg in a Inert Nutitive base.


Controls the Specific and Non Specific Diarrhoea
Improving GIT functions for better nutrient absorption.
Better litter quality.
Improves weight gain, FCR and Productivity in Broilers.
Reduce soiling of eggs and Occurrence of vent pasting in Layers.
No fly menace. Improves egg quality.

Unique Features

Stable and resistant to pelleting and mixing.

Suggested Usage

For regular usage add 1 kg for the 1st week and continue with 500 gms/MT. For Treatment use 1 Kg/MT or suggested by the Veterinarian/Nutritionist.


1 kg X 15 nos in a 15 kgs box and also available in 25 kg poly propelene bags.

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