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Trial Reports on Broiler Birds

Parameters Inventac Control
No. of Birds 5000 5000
Mor % 4.14 5.63
Avg. Wt. 2.426 2.418
FCR 1.619 1.727
Mean age 40 40


Improves fiber digestion by upto 8%, Protein Digestion by upto 4%, Phosphorus digestion 2% and Calcium digestion by 10%.
It has greater affinities for all toxins including DON and Tricothecenes, bacterial endotoxins, chemical toxins than any other toxin adsorbing agents.
It removes Heavy Metals & Other inorganic impurities from the system.
It passively absorbs Antibiotic residues there by reducing withdrawal period of antibiotics.
Improves water absorption by muscles thereby increasing meat yield and reducing stress and transit related mortality.
Helpful in preventing and/or reducing loose droppings.

Suggested Usage

100 - 200 gms / MT of Feed for regular uses.
2 kg / MT of Feed for first three days & 1 kg for last two days in severe toxicity conditions Or as recommended by the Veterinarian/ Nutritionist.


1 kg X 20 Nos in a carton box

Trial Reports on Layer Birds

Trial Reports on Layer Birds

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