Lysophospholipids, Soya Lecithin, Skimmed milk powder, Proprietary emulsifiers, glycerides, butylated hydroxy anisol, ethoxyquin, butylated hydroxy toluene, phosphoric acid, citric acid, biotin, lipotrophic factors, lipase, lipolytic phytonutrients in a free flowing base.

Benefits of SurFac Supplementation

Improves fat emulsification, digestion and absorption.
Improves absorption of fat soluble vitamins (Vit. A, D, E & K) & nutrients.
Improves overall nutrient metabolism.
Improves body weight gain, FCR and overall performance.
Improves egg weight in layers & breeders.
Improves pellet moisture, quality and finish.
Reduces power consumption and die wear and tear.
Improves farm and feed mill profitability.
Reduces abdominal fat deposition.
Prevents fatorrhoea.

Trial Reports in Broilers

Parameters Surfac Control
No. of Birds 1000 1000
Mor % 2.08 4.10
Avg. Wt. 2.209 2.143
FCR 1.515 1.539
Mean age 40 40
Fat (gm) 35 55

Emulsifier Action

Emulsifier Action

Suggested Usage

250g / MT of Feed
500g / MT of Feed - Surfac lx. Or as recommended by the Veterinarian/ Nutritionist.


25 Kgs Pack

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