Invetis Life Sciences

Animal health care company with motto "Innovation, Expertise and Growth". Operates pan India( Including Andaman), Africa, Bangladesh and Singapore. Invetis has been strongly build on highly skilled technical persons and well motivated marketing staffs. Invetis has a well organised r& d sector which categories and works to the need of livestock, poultry and aqua culture.


To be one among the world leaders in production and marketing in serving the Poultry, Livestock and Aquaculture and its clients through innovative and high value added products, depending upon rapid changes of the world.


We in the world of animal health services, provide innovation, expertise in producing and marketing high value added products through excellence in technology based on the world class r&d for the growth and betterment of Poultry, Livestock and Aquaculture.

Core Values


We are driven by compassion, competence & commitment

Customer Focus

We shall maintain customer relationship in a professional way to bring sales and growth to company and customers.

Positive Attitudes

We shall maintain strong emphasis on individual attitude and action that promotes team work and communication.


We shall maintain high level of integrity to provide clean, safe, innovative and high value added products to the customers, to lay a solid foundation of trust.


We shall share joy and happiness with our clients and provide reassurance and sympathize during difficult times.

Moral Ethics

We shall treat our clients, professional colleagues and doctors with at most respect and courtesy.

Invetis Life Sciences - Vision, Mission, Core Values

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